Saturday, July 22, 2006

I could have been a contenda!

I really like the Goo Good Dolls. Partly because they are good sons of Buffalo who do well by the Queen City. Partly because I just like their music. On Friday, I was in an MRI machine. They give you headsets to listen to the radio. I heard a radio contest for Goo Goo Dolls concert tix. The question was "what article of clothing do the GGD's always insert in their riders?" The answer is white tube sox. Some people are really devoted fans and know this. I like the GGD's, but I am not that devoted. I knew because in college I filled the GGD's rider when they played at Niagara University. We even got to hang out with the GGD's. To this day, the blue tub that we used to store the GGD's Heinekens sits in my shed -- I store firewood in it now. In any event, by the time that I hopped to the car to call the station, they announced a winner. Well, here's hoping that I do better with the MRI results.


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