Thursday, November 30, 2006

Desmond IOC Holiday Party

Last night's IOC holiday party was a fine affair at the Buffalo Club.

The "Founder's Award" was posthumously awarded to Judge Doyle (his sons accepting the award are pictured above). Also pictured above are Judges Pigott, Pietruszka, O'Donnell, and Peradotto. Also pictured above is David Brock accepting a "Past Presdident Award." ABL has always had great respect for Dave Brock -- even more so after learning that he has ABL bookmarked on his treo.

Many thanks are owed to Fran Letro for graciously hosting. Mirth and war stories were abundant. Judge Pigott shared a fond memory of Judge Doyle. When Judge Pigott first became a judge, Judge Doyle told him that he would learn that judges "get bored" and sometimes lose track of things at trial. To that end, Judge Doyle would, if an objection was made, ask counsel to "rephrase" because it was a safe way to deal with the problem. Judge Pigott recalled that his reaction at the time was "are you kidding me, you do not hear a question and then say "rephrase" when there is an objection. Well, Judge Pigott conceded that Judge Doyle's advice was sage and time-tested because judges are people too.