Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wisconsin Court rejects "not cool" argument

Yesterday, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals dismissed a pro se appeal in noteworthy fashion.( Pro se pleadings are often good fun. Apparently, this one was no exception. The appellant filed a "twenty-six page litany of purported facts and unsupported allegations that the trial court overlooked . . . " Although this finding has a familiar ring to it, the court went on to note in fn 4 that the document contained no legal issues: "For example, [appellant] states, '[Appellee] stated that I, [appellant] broke a window and the bench for his picnic table--not cool!' 'Not cool' is not a legal argument." Well there goes Point III in the brief that I am working on!

Thank you to Prof. Laura Reilly for sending me this opinion of interest. I encourage others to send materials worth posting.


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