Friday, December 01, 2006

Portrait Ceremony for Judges Elfvin and Curtin

Today the WDNY held a portrait unveiling ceremony for Judges John T. Elfvin and John T. Curtin, who have sat as federal judges for a combined total north of 72 years! Speeches were given by, inter alios, Dick Moot, Bob Conklin, Carol Heckman, and Charles Carra. Moot shared a story about the U.S. Attorneys' office when Judge Elfvin was an AUSA. Everyone in the office had a nick-name except Elfvin, who was known simply as "John" - not Jack or Johnny. Heckman shared a fond memory of Judge Elfvin, who welcomed her and her young children into his chambers for a visit and he sat on the floor with the children. Carra shared a story (unconfirmed at press time) about Judge Elfvin, who, after a good day at court asked Mrs. Elfvin "Peggy, how many great men do you think there are?" She replied "I don't know John, but certainly one less than you think!" The event was concluded with a wonderful rendition by the Accapellants (Judge Arcara noted that Judge Peradotto looks great in red - see 11/30 post below). They sang an adaptation of Billy Joel's "The Longest Time," in which they noted that Judges Elfvin and Curtin will be honored "for the longest time." It was a fine song that paid homage to the other Judges whose portraits grace Judge Curtin's courtroom. It was a great event for two beloved WDNY jurists.


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