Wednesday, September 23, 2009

e-SOP is coming

Jeff Karotkin recently authored 'CHANGE! Is the Process Serving Profession Doing Enough to Remain Relevant? in Pursuit Magazine, a journal for professional investigators. Jeff suggests that process servers must embrace technological innovations in their business model. Jeff is also too kind in noting that ABL's e-SOP "article is the most comprehensive I have seen on the topic of electronic service of process and is a must read if you want to understand the history of electronic service of process and want to have a glimpse of what the future might hold if the profession does not embrace change and make it work for them." Wow! ABL owes Jeff a beer.

ABL will be presenting a CLE on e-SOP (aka electronic service of process) in February 2010 as part of a CLE sponsored by the BAEC: ""E" Age Litigation Tactics and Ethical Issues." ABL thanks Art Herdzik for asking him to participate.