Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank you Mr. Chief Justice, may I have another!

Last night, John G. Roberts, Jr. (USSC CJ) was the Frank J. Raichle Lecturer. "A Conversation with the Chief Justice" was a conversation (thus appropriately titled) between the Chief Justice and his former partner, Joseph M. Hassett, who asked questions presented by Canisius College students, faculty, alumni . . . and even Chief Judge Skretny. It was an unparalleled evening for the WNY legal community and Buffalo's favorite son.

JGR was entertaining and informative. He deftly handled some not-so-deftly crafted questions (ABL wanted to know what JGR's favorite sit-com is and whether he mows his lawn). JGR also offered other bits of wisdom, such as, you should always eat a donut offered by a Court of Appeals judge. He also recollected that, while clerking for then Justice Rehnquist (6 years pre-CJ for WHR), assisted in writing an article on the duties of the Chief Justice, a position that both men would later hold). Generous references to Justice Robert H. Jackson (Jamestown's favorite son).

ABL almost hit for the cycle, shaking hands with judges on each level of the federal judiciary and two of the three levels of the NY State Court system.


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