Friday, March 15, 2013

CLE on Legal Ethics & Social Networking

On Thursday March 28, 2013, the Charles S. Desmond Inn of Court presented a CLE on "Legal Ethics & Social Networking" hosted by ABL. 

ABL will borrow generously from the work of fellow Skadden alumnus Nicole Hyland, whose research and comments are found at

Some of her links include (and lead to these interesting links on the subject)

Likewise, ABL also stumbled across this law review article from Touro Law Review ( 

Here is a short video on the subject, including an interesting hypothetical at the end discussing the differences between an investigator watching a plaintiff versus an investigator "friending" a plaintiff on FB etc. (

See also ABL's 4/29/11 post below. 

NY ethics opinions:

NYSBA Opinion 899 (12/21/11):  lawyer may answer questions in "real time" chatgroup, but may only provide general answers (not individual advice).  If person makes specific request seeking to engage the attorney, then the attorney may provide contact informnation (phone, e-mail etc.) permitting the person to contact the attorney outside of the "real time" site.

NYSBA Opinion 873 (6/9/11):  Offering a prize to join attorney's social networking sites is not prohibited as long as offer is not illegal conduct (which may be governed by other laws, such as those governing games of chance)

NYSBA article (9/2012)

Social Media liability risks

presentation to Theodore Roosevelt Inn of Court (Nassau County), 11/2011

ABA article re pitfalls


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